Managed Cloud

Kubedo helps design, implement, maintain and improve cost-efficient, secure and highly-scalable cloud IT infrastructures.

Cloud Computing

Kubedo employs dedicated teams with in-depth experience in delivering cloud computing services to companies. Everyone in our engineering team has decades of SRE experience in corporate companies.

Kubedo Cloud Computing Services gives you the following benefits

We develop custom cloud solutions that are optimized to move your business forward using the best open source solutions on-premises or using products from public cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean.

Kubedo is a Managed Services Provider and delivering DevOps-as-a-Service is one of our core areas of expertise.We work with startups and small-to-medium enterprise companies who need a dedicated DevOps team to perform cloud-based infrastructure optimization.

Every company understands the need for continuous delivery of new code and features for their products, as well as security and compliance of this process. IT Svit is one of the DevOps teams that enable this by using the best DevOps practices, cloud features and innovative tools to design, implement and manage cost-efficient cloud infrastructure along with continuous integration and automation of workflows.

Why Kubedo Instead Of A Public Cloud Provider?

Experienced expert staff for all cloud providers

Because it takes decent level of expertise with all cloud providers to be able to provide migrations, cloud backup services, and built hybrid multicloud environments for our customers.

Open Source Preferences, No Vendor Lockin

We will prioritize free components like Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible and ELK stack wherever possible, instead of incorporating cloud service provider-specific features in your infrastructure. This way your cloud-based infrastructure is not tied to a specific cloud vendor and can be adjusted quite easily should the need arise.

Faster SLA

Because we have fewer customers than huge cloud providers, we can process support requests much faster. For this reason, our customers get the uninterrupted attention and support they need without entering a long ticket queue.

No payment for services you don't need

Public cloud providers do not offer their products and cloud computing services for free. Most products are designed to work in bundles with other tools. So, when you run infrastructure from public cloud providers, you often have to pay for some package components that you don't really need in order for the cloud services you need to run properly. In Kubedo you only pay for the resources you actually consume.

What Do You Get?

We offer free consultations on the required cloud features for achieving your business goals

Transition to public or on-prem cloud solutions, either by lift-and-shift or building the cloud-native apps

Quick and detailed design of custom cloud infrastructures, ensuring stable uptime and performance

Ability to span your systems across multiple cloud providers using Kubernetes as an intermediate layer

We can build an on-prem cloud solution with Openstack, Harvester or Proxmox

Cloud monitoring tools for any need and requirement: Checkmk, Prometheus, Zabbix, Nagios

Configuration of smart logging systems with preconfigured alerts and automated responses for standard issues

Flexible dashboards that turn your operational data into insights for your business

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