Consulting & IT Staffing

Kubedo provides IT consultancy and professional staff services on Cloud, Microservices, DevOps and Open source

Benefits of Kubedo IT Staffing Services

Kubedo works with highly skilled engineers with decades of experience. Our employees are senior professionals accustomed to both short-term non-employment and long-term personnel service. We work with companies from the EU and the USA. Our hours of operation are consistent with the time zone of our customers.

Kubedo IT Staffing Services gives you the following benefits:

Tasks Our Engineers Have Experienced

Managed cloud computing

Cloud Monitoring Solutions

DevOps Services

Digital Transformation

Cloud Transition& Migration

Customer Service

Remote Server Administration

Open Source Sofwares

IT Infrastructure
Security Audit

Cloud Infrastructure Optimization

Production Environment Monitoring, Alerting & Logging

Enabling Cloud management Services In Production

Splitting Monolithic Apps into Microservices

App Containerization

Various IT Staffing Models

With the high quality of service we offer, you can start your project in minimum time and launch your product to the market in a shorter time than expected.

Dedicated Project Manager For Dedicated Teams

If you only need a single expert, that expert is fully integrated into your team.

If you receive dedicated team support, one of our senior engineers is appointed as project manager and is responsible for ensuring efficient delivery and high quality throughout the project.

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