Designed by SREs to be the easiest way to manage operations and infrastructure

The Intiutive
Managed Ops Platform

Set up your containers in seconds and manage your operations like a pro from a single screen. 

4S for Enterprise Managed Ops

Make your team faster and manage your projects efficiently yourself with Kubedo Managed Ops Platform

In seconds, your ready-to-use kubernetes or Docker environment is set up and you can start managing it. You can access all the ready-to-use tools you need from the Kubedo Dashboard. You can reach the SRE team, who designed your environment for you, whenever you want.


After your request reaches us, you can achieve your production-ready Kubernetes or Docker environment within seconds.


With the ready-to-use open source technology stack on the dashboard, you can immediately start managing your systems effortlessly.


In Kubedo, security is provided with a zero-trust approach and all transactions taken by anyone accessing your devices is recorded.

Site Relaibilty Engineering

Enterprise DevOps can only be achieved with SREs. Our platform has been designed by our SRE team, focusing on the key practices of SRE.

Tech stack that best serves you on Kubedo Dashboard

Our SRE team have curated all the open source products that will serve you best and placed them inside your Kubedo Dashboard.

With the Kubedo Management Console, you can deploy, maintain, monitor and manage your Culusters from a single screen.


Get the most out of curated tech stack

We use Khost and Dhost on our own projects, so it is bullet proof. 

If you require additional 3rd party apps, you are free to add. Kubedo supports that. We continuously update the tech stack and do all the necessary checks in advance.



Daily Backup

Thread Analysis





Load Balancer

Managed Image Registry

Free choice of cloud provider

You are free to deploy your workloads on any cloud infrastructure

We support on-premises, public cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud options.


Docker or Kubernetes in minutes

Choose your environment based on the needs of your business.

After your request reaches us, you can achieve your environment within seconds.

Always up to date

Don’t worry about keeping clusters, management tools, and apps up to date.

Kubedo automatically takes care of all updates and security fixes.

No need for training

The Kubedo Managed Ops platform can be used intuitively. There is no need for training, time and resources to learn.

In addition, our experts are always ready to help you with your questions.

No complex pricing system

Get everything that needs in one package and with a single payment.

Buying Dhost or Khost is simple. Its monthly price is fixed, you will not encounter surprise bills later. You can start using it in minutes whenever you want.

Tech we use

The 100% open source technologies we use make it possible to work with full flexibility and freedom. Our entire technology stack is built by senior developers and SREs.

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