Managed Ops on Dhost

Fully managed Docker platform with Zero-Trust approach for Startups

Grow your Startup with Dhost

For most Startup customers, Dhost is more than enough. Our easy-to-use Kubedo Dashboard interface enables to you control your app and server like a pro. It also includes access to 24/7 expert support for any action on the Kubedo Dashboard.

Production- Ready Docker in Seconds

After your request reaches us, you can achieve your environment within seconds.

Professional Managed Ops Services

We offer active monitoring, daily back-up, load balancer, and many other premium services required for professional management.

Kubedo Dashboard

Take advantage of the power and simplicity of our easy-to-use control panel. Use our Kubedo Dashboard to monitor, manage and intervene in all services.

Zero-Trust Security

Get a real-time record of every action taken by anyone connecting to your devices while managing your containers.

Simple Resizing

When your business expands, you only need to add a new Dhost. If you need to isolate your precious/private data just add another Dhost. When you need more resources on the same machine, we have 2 options for Dhost. We can scale immediately

7/24 Expert Support

Our team of experts will be there when you need them.

Manage your containers with Zero-Trust

All transactions taken by anyone accessing your devices are recorded by Kubedo.

In this way, you can see which users are doing which transactions in real-time on your systems, and you can even receive news as soon as the transactions you want to follow are.


Manage your containers with ease

Take full control of your docker environment with the Kubedo Dashboard we have specially created.

With the Kubedo Dashboard, you can deploy, maintain, monitor, and manage your containers from a single screen.

And when you need it, our  experts guide you.


Manage your containers with our SRE team

Kubedo’s SRE team is there for you whenever you need it

Tech we use

The 100% open source technologies we use make it possible to work with full flexibility and freedom. Our entire technology stack is built by senior developers and SREs.

No Complex Cost Calculations, No Surprise Invoices

Get everything that needs to be done while managing containers in one package and have it with a single payment.

Buying D-Host is simple. Its monthly price is fixed, you will not encounter surprise bills later. You can start using it in minutes whenever you want.


from 129€

Monthly Managed Docker
  • 4 CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Disk(nvme)
  • Active Monitoring
  • Daily Backup
  • +Enterprise Services
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