ManagedOps Solutions

Fully managed, open source Kubernetes and Docker Platform with Zero-Trust approach 

The easiest way to manage operations on
Kubernetes & Docker

Free the developers! Let them just develop the software. Kubedo handles infrastructure and operations professionally. You don’t need to worry and allocate resources for the services you need anymore.

Our expert staff are ready to assist you 24/7 whenever you need it.

Production- Ready Docker Or Kubernetes in Seconds

After your request reaches us, you can achieve your environment within seconds.

Professionally Managed Ops services Included in Packages

Get all the services you need throughout the professional lifecycle of your containers.

Kubedo Devops Dashboard

Take advantage of the power and simplicity of our easy-to-use control panel. Use our Kubedo Dashboard to monitor, manage and intervene in all services.

7/24 Expert Support

We provide free technical support around the clock, so you'll have the option to get help when you need it.

Always Up to Date

You don't have to worry about keeping Clusters up to date. Kubedo automatically takes care of all updates and security fixes. You choose when the updates are.

Free Choice Of cloud provider

You are free to deploy your workloads on any cloud infrastructure; AWS, Azure, Google, any other provider, or your on-premises solutions...

Security with a Zero Trust Approach

Get a real-time record of every action taken by anyone connecting to your devices while managing your containers.

Guided Configuration

We'll walk you through the steps to easily connect to your cluster, deploy an application, and add additional resources like storage and load balancers.

Managed Ops for developers and infrastructure teams

Kubedo provides all the services you need 

Using container technology opens the door to an enormous source of potential. However, implementation and maintenance, management, security, continuous updates, general monitoring require other specializations and heavy workloads. 

Kubedo frees you from this heavy workload.

Daily Backup


7/24 Support

Git Lab

Zero Trust Console Access

Slack Entegration

Load Balancer

2VPN Account

Managed Image Registry

Thread Analysis


Container Management Panel

Security with Zero-Trust approach

All transactions taken by anyone accessing your devices are recorded by Kubedo.

In this way, you can see which users are doing which transactions in real-time on your systems, and you can even receive news as soon as the transactions you want to follow are.

Everything On Single Dashboard

No longer need to use complex screens and multiple IP addresses for tracking and monitoring when managing your clusters.

With the Kubedo Dashboard, you can deploy, maintain, monitor, and manage your Clusters from a single screen.

And when you need it, our  experts guide you.


Why Kubedo?

Kubedo helps to increase innovation, efficiency, and productivity with the values it provides.

Premium Services and Single Price Per Package

You no longer need to make complex price calculations as with other providers for professional container management.  All the services you need to manage your containers in a simple, fast, secure, and professional way included in the packages are.



Monthly Managed Ops on Docker
  • 4 CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Disk(nvme)
  • Active Monitoring
  • Daily Backup
  • +Managed Ops Services
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Monthly Managed Ops on K8S
  • 8 CPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Disk(nvme)
  • Active Monitoring
  • Daily Backup
  • +Managed Ops Services
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ManagedOps As a Service
We build and manage advanced cluster architecture for your critical business.
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