About Kubedo

Kubedo is a team of industry-recognized and sought-after engineers with decades of experience in key IT roles. We offer end-to-end solutions and support for enterprise cloud computing, hypervisor, Openstack, microservices, databases and open source technologies.

Who Founded Kubedo?

Kubedo was founded by three master SREs with 30 years of experience in the industry, who met each other during their successful work in the market.

Why Was Kubedo Founded?

Knowing from their experience how difficult it is to recruit loyal and talented IT personnel who will flawlessly perform key IT tasks for businesses, they assembled a team of the most talented DevOps and systems engineers in the industry.

Why The Kubedo Team Is Special?

We are not at the disposal of any provider.

Unfortunately many IT Service providers are actually service providers of one of the major cloud providers. Because this is the condition for getting a certificate. Our team members have expertise in each technology, but are not dependent.

Experience in both Enterprise Company And Startups

Everyone must have experience gained in both large corporate companies and startups.Thus, they easily adapt to the working dynamics of all companies.

At least 10 years of professional experience

The professional industry experience of the most inexperienced member of the team is 10 years! Our experience is the basis for the comprehensive service and support we provide at the highest technical level.

Open Source Experts

We are actively support the development of Open Source software.Our staff are all linux experts. It also contributes to the development of many open source projects such as Postgesql, Ansible, Garafana.

Our Core Values

Our Core Company Values permeate all parts of our business.


Everyone in the Kubedo team is passionate about what they do because we believe that a prerequisite for success is a genuine passion.


In Kubedo, everyone trusts each other because we speak honestly with both Kubedo users and our colleagues. So what we do and what we say always match.


We believe that people who do not mutually respect each other cannot work as colleagues or customers. We choose our employees and customers based on this philosophy.

Question Everything

We believe that the prerequisite for continuous improvement is questioning before accepting. For this reason, all kinds of ideas come up freely in Kubedo, but they not accepted without question are.